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Greenland Gown Project LogoThe website and Blog are dedicated to the research and recreation of the fabric, tools and techniques involved in the making of the Greenland Gown.

By going through the processes of researching and rebuilding the textile culture of Iceland and Greenland step by step, I hope to gain a better understanding of how these ideas fit together to produce many of the items of textile that were integral to life in the North Atlantic.

As I am located in the Southwestern United States, I looked for a sheep breed to compare to the Icelandic Sheep as it would be more cost effective and easier to obtain in the earlier phases of this project. I was introduced to the Navajo Churro and became fascinated with the breed. It also turns out that the coat of this breed matches the scientific analysis of the old textile very closely.

The thought process was to compare the two sheep types (Icelandic and Navajo Churro) and find out if the Navaho Churro could be used to make a fabric that would be close to the old type.

Much of the information about the research and processes that contribute to recreating the textile will be added to this site as it is completed.

Please check out the announcement block and the needs block below frequently for updates. The new developments and of course, the needs of the project will be placed there at regular intervals and at times developments happen rapidly.

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So, All of you will have noticed we went dark for the summer and the last time this message was updated was April.

Needless to say life took over for a number of months and now that fall is here I am getting things pulled back together.

Many of the things that were goals for this summer and the rest of the year as seen in April have been pushed back. So, We are going to start with a clean slate.

Currently, I am working on:

  • Building some studio space in an old shed we have on our property.
  • Building the Warp Weighted Loom.
  • Locating a spinner to spin the processed wool into the threads for weaving.

As always, If you have questions about anything related to the project, please do not hesitate to ask.

Be Well,   D


Current Needs

Help and support is always welcome.