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Greenland Gown Project LogoIn this website and Blog you will find the story of the research and recreation of the fabric, tools and techniques involved in the making of the Greenland Gown.

I will be placing as much information about the research pertaining to the Greenland Gown, it’s construction, and the unique fabric it was made from as I find it on this web site.

Please check out the announcement block and the needs block below. The new developments and of course, the needs of the project will be placed there at a regular interval. Please come back and see what we are upto at !

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It is the first of April and spring is in the air. Here in New Mexico the spring wind has started.

Plans are being made to go to the local mountains to cut the trees for the parts of the loom. This will happen sometime in late May or Early June. Then we will lay out the timber for a month or so in the hot sun to dry. Construction of the loom should take place late summer of early fall.

A weaving room will have to be constructed at some point so I will have a warm place to weave this winter. I hope to have cloth woven by some time in January.

The beginning of learning to weave is sneaking in and the work on the fiber prep is continuing.

Please check out the blog as the journey is documented there.

As Anna, the project spinner is in school full time right now, the actual spinning will begin in late may or early June as of this writing. 

Until I see you all again!

Be Well.


As the project progresses, we find new information, new techniques, and sometimes, new things we need to keep the project running.

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