What is on the way with the project

Greenland Gown Project

Yay! It is awesome to see you and I know many others will also find this place.

So, what have I been doing besides helping develop an outside place to share the information?

I have been writing my first article to introduce people to the project for the Espa

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  1. Ringwar

    Hi all,
    Well I have enjoyed the new website, especially the upcoming events section. Even though I am many thousands of miles away it gives me a chance to hear what is happening with your project.

    I have been checking out the merchandise page and noticed that there are no bags on the pages yet. I have added a address from Cafe Press below so you know what I am talking about-
    http://www.cafepress.com/+meditating_dog_tote_bag,469439432 These little tote bags seem to sell really well out here in Australia at events (I brought two just recently at May Crown (a viking event) and have given one away as a gift to my daughters friend for her first big camping event. I was thinking this might be a good gift item for Christmas.

    I look forward to seeing wool combs etc on these pages etc in the future. I am a real novice with wool etc but would love to see lots of photos so I can share them with others.

    I was wondering will you be writing a book about your journey when you finish?


    1. Greenland Gown ProjectGreenland Gown Project Post author

      Hey! Thanks for the vote of confidence. I am also looking forward to see what will happen next. I will have my webmonkey look into the bags. I would like to hear what anyone might be looking for. It helps me afford to keep going on the project.

      Virtual Hugs!


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