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Thank you to Granite Mountain and those who attended the collegium.

Greenland Gown Project

I wish to thank the Barony of Granite Mountain in the Kingdom of Atenveldt (Located in Arizona) for their Hospitality and Generosity. The collegium was a blast! I am so putting you on my list for return visits.

Thank you, to those who attended the talk I presented during the event. You and people like you are why this project keeps going and will for a long time. I hope you will attend the future presentations that are in the planning stages for the Kingdom. Please bring a friend as I love to share this with any who are interested.

Time for rest as tomorrow home is where I am heading.

Be safe and well.


July 10, 2013 Update

Greenland Gown Project

Well, this week has been quite a week. It started with the editing of the process paper for separation of double coated fleece. This update includes a large number of pictures as well as cleaning up some of the wording. You will find it in the downloads section of this website.

Today we put through the order for another 12 Navajo Churro fleeces. This ran about $300.00. I hope you all Continue reading

The Combing of Double Coated Fleeces

Greenland Gown Project

The fleeces used for this project are called double coated because they are made up of two types of fiber. One is a hair fiber with a larger diameter fiber and longer straighter length than the wool fiber which has a softer more crimped texture.

Currently, I am processing the Navajo Churro fleece. I am doing a process that in some circles is considered to be controversial. The traditional treatment, as I have been told, is for this double coated fleece to be spun with the hair and the wool fibers together and then woven into an item. The most common and well known of these is the durable wool rugs of the southwest. Continue reading

Monday is here; Fleece washing continues!

Greenland Gown Project

Hi all of you Sheepy Peeps!

I will be adding the How To process paper for My fleece washing method. This will be updated with photos and also the full drying process with a parts list.

Other things that have been added to the web page is the merchandise page. We need funding. The monetary cost of travel to and from the presentation locations, especially in states outside of New Mexico where we live is very high. I love to make these trips and the ability to present the project as well as meeting the followers. Without them, this project would have died a while ago. Continue reading