Monday is here; Fleece washing continues!

Greenland Gown Project

Hi all of you Sheepy Peeps!

I will be adding the How To process paper for My fleece washing method. This will be updated with photos and also the full drying process with a parts list.

Other things that have been added to the web page is the merchandise page. We need funding. The monetary cost of travel to and from the presentation locations, especially in states outside of New Mexico where we live is very high. I love to make these trips and the ability to present the project as well as meeting the followers. Without them, this project would have died a while ago.

Along with the cost of travel, there is the cost of raw materials such as fleece. I am about to pick up 12 more Navajo Churro Fleeces from Pam Ramsey of La Plata Farms in Hesperus Co. Even Though she gives me a very good price, I am looking at spending a large sum of money.

I am also in need of a few more sets of wool combs so that I might get a few extra hands involved with the process of turning the fleece into roving for my spinner. These currently run about $135.00 per set from Valkyrie Supply.

Speaking of extra hands, I have asked the local fiber artists for some assistance with this. As most are using wool cards for their own processes, they do not have the necessary equipment and time is scarce. My other alternative is to hire people to do this. This also takes funds I do not have.

We are trying to use funding sites and have had little success from you the followers. Even a few dollars adds up when it comes to these needs.

So we are trying the merchandising. Our first offerings are the base map that was used for our migration map. The migration map that was originally used to illustrate the first paper. (find the paper in the downloads) T-shirts with our first graphic. (What the ell is vadmal?)

Please visit and help us out. As I have said, a few dollars goes a long way.

Be well.


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