July 10, 2013 Update

Greenland Gown Project

Well, this week has been quite a week. It started with the editing of the process paper for separation of double coated fleece. This update includes a large number of pictures as well as cleaning up some of the wording. You will find it in the downloads section of this website.

Today we put through the order for another 12 Navajo Churro fleeces. This ran about $300.00. I hope you all will be willing to help with this cost. There is a donation link on the home page. We will also be doing an adopt a fleece campaign in a few days to try to recoup some of this money as it is coming completely out of our pockets. In order for us to continue this to the end, we need financial support from time to time.

In just a few weeks (July 27th) We will be in Prescott Az. to give a presentation on the project and will be able to answer questions in person. See the event calendar for more details as to time and location.

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