Hand Carding Wool and Wool Cards

Greenland Gown Project

Hand Carding wool

There have been many questions over the time I have been working with the wool I use for this project. One of them has been why am I using combs instead of cards and some confusion about the difference.

So I decided to do a little hard topic research to educate not only myself but you as well. It will help me answer more intelligently next time I am asked these questions.

Gail Bennett was a great help in the research department this week and I would like to thank her.

I will now start with the most common item for fiber prep for spinning, the hand card. The hand card comes in many varied sizes depending on the comfort of the user. But, I am getting a little ahead of myself here… There may be some out there who do not know what these actually are.

Hand Carding: Hand Carders are a pair of wooden paddles covered in a pin cloth. The carders are not dissimilar to dog brushes or teasel combs. The pins are typically equally spaced over the cloth. (http://www.woolery.com)

They originated 1325

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