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Fulling or Felting

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It is once again time for a blog post.

I just love research! It takes you to places that you would never think about going, yet they are supremely important to the whole outcome of your endeavor.

This week I would like to address the terms fulling and felting.

I found myself looking at material for the next paper and I started to see these terms very regularly interchanged in ways that had no real pattern. So, this is where I get distracted when I am doing research… SQUIRREL!

I found that I am not the only one confused by the terms. Not many writers, it would seem, can agree on things concerning this group of topics. I have basically distilled what I have seen for you. Please understand that this just means that I now add my own opinion to the pile.

As always, let’s start with the definition of each…..

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The wool comb and it’s uses.

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What is a Wool Comb and how is it used?

This week’s blog at contains information about the wool comb.

Wool Combs

Wool Combs

The wool comb came into existence very early in the northern European time frame.

Research and the search for writing

Greenland Gown Project

Hi everyone. I hope this post finds all of you doing very well.

I am going to deflect from the topic that I have been needing to write about again this week. I promise I will get to the wool combs soon. This is more of an update on the progress that is being made here. It helps me to put things into perspective to share with you.

In the past week I have been able to put together a hard outline for the upcoming research paper. This is a huge step as I tend to follow the leads where ever they take me when I do research. This more often than not sends me completely off topic with more information than I need to put together for the question I am answering. I am finding writing to be a completely different process than I had first believed.

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This week past 9/2/2013

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Well, I have to say, this was not the blog post I wanted to enter today… But, I am having the biggest case of ADD and cannot focus on writing. The squirrel moments are getting frustrating.

So, here is what I have proposed… A rundown of last week.

The week started with writing the blog post on wool cards and their uses. Then more research for the upcoming paper and the making of two dresses one of which uses the S-Sleeve pattern. The week ended with me having medical tests run.

First, no need to worry. I am feeling OK and will continue with the upcoming tests to be sure all is right with me.

Second… the construction of the S-Sleeve still does not make a lot of sense… At some point, I will figure it out and will be able to explain it to all of you.

This coming week is going to see me hip deep in wool washing, research for the paper, and Dr.