This week past 9/2/2013

Greenland Gown Project

Well, I have to say, this was not the blog post I wanted to enter today… But, I am having the biggest case of ADD and cannot focus on writing. The squirrel moments are getting frustrating.

So, here is what I have proposed… A rundown of last week.

The week started with writing the blog post on wool cards and their uses. Then more research for the upcoming paper and the making of two dresses one of which uses the S-Sleeve pattern. The week ended with me having medical tests run.

First, no need to worry. I am feeling OK and will continue with the upcoming tests to be sure all is right with me.

Second… the construction of the S-Sleeve still does not make a lot of sense… At some point, I will figure it out and will be able to explain it to all of you.

This coming week is going to see me hip deep in wool washing, research for the paper, and Dr.

2 thoughts on “This week past 9/2/2013

  1. Ringwar

    Hi all,

    Well this is something to cheer you up. I started holidays today (no that is not the happy part) BUT tomorrow I am buying a kangaroo hide to send across for the swap. I will be advertising over her until the end of the October and am excited to think there will be much more fleece sitting in your work area or shed by Christmas.

    So people when you get then chance to support such a fantastic project please jump in head first and try your luck with being the lucky winner of a 100% Australian kangaroo hide for your home. Lets make this project rock and roll and have fun along the way.

    Here in Australia people who enter will have the chance to win 600 yards of Navajo Churro wool. The sheep being used for the dress. Very important information! It is locally produced to where Doreen lives in New Mexico. So for us on the other side of the world even if do not get to see and touch the dress in person we will know exactly what the wool looks and feels like.

    So after sending photos tomorrow I hope it will put a smile on your face and you will say YES!, lets participate in this exclusive swap and win the wool or hide which will provide funds to such an outstanding project.

    Lets have fun and make history together.


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