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Hello everyone. I know that I have been quiet these past days….Things at the house have taken priority for a bit. I have been working on the project though and will have the results of the new experiments out for all to see soon.

The topic this time will be lubricating scoured fibers and comparing various techniques from removing the dirt while leaving the lanolin (grease) in the raw fleece and how the combs react to this to scouring the fleece and adding carding/spinning oil to it and how that effects the combing.

I have found a recipe for the oil and have redacted the recipe (also will be covered in depth) to fit the smaller quantities of fleece I am doing at a time. I am liking the results so far.

The last time I tried to comb a raw fleece I found the grease clogged the combs up to the point I could not use them. Carding (which is out of culture for this project) may be different….

So, as you can see I have been working, just not able to write. Will write the results of the work I have been doing very soon.

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  1. Greenland Gown ProjectGreenland Gown Project Post author

    The recipe I found uses either borax or ammonia as an emulsifier between the water and the olive oil. I will get deeper into this when I can actually write for a little longer. But, the work I have done so far with the ammonia mix is quite satisfactory. I am going to try the borax as well.

    There are reasons that the ammonia seems to me to be more true to the period of this project. again, I am afraid I will have to wait until I can actually write all of this for you.

    Thank you for your comment. I love the feed back!

    Be Well,

  2. Karen7Karen7

    I can’t specifically document this, but I’ve used a 50/50 mix of light olive oil and almond oil for many years. Use an oil mister (easy to find in most kitchen supply shops) and just “cloud” over the fleece.


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