We’ve been invaded by Kangaroos!

Greenland Gown Project

The kangaroo pelt has arrived from Australia!

Kangaroo peltNow I know that this is going to raise some questions… No, we’re not going to try to make a copy of the Greenland Gown using kangaroo hair!

What we will be doing is awarding this tanned fur-on kangaroo pelt to a randomly selected supporter in the US who has donated to the Adopt-a-Fleece fundraiser. In addition, we’ve sent a gift basket consisting of 600 yards of locally spun Navajo Churro yarn and several jars of New Mexico’s trademark Hatch Green Chiles to Australia to be awarded to one of the supporters there.

This is not part of a raffle, but merely our way of sharing cool things, and thanking those who are going out of their way to help the Greenland Gown project.

This kangaroo pelt is beautiful! The fur is unbelievably soft!

Thus far we’re had five donations and have eleven supporters on the Greenland Gown Project’s “Adopt a Fleece” program. We’re twenty-one percent funded towards the purchase of the next dozen fleeces. These fleeces will be used to make the yarn to spin the samples we’ll need to start the empirical comparisons between the Villsau, Icelandic, and Navajo Churro fleeces.

What, some of you may ask, is the Greenland Gown Project’s “Adopt a Fleece” program?

“The Adopt a fleece program allows underprivileged fleeces the opportunity to become productive members of a historically accurate reproduction of the Greenland gown…”

In essence, we’re asking for help so that we can defray the costs involved in the making of the fabric and subsequently recreating the gown from the Herjolfsnes archaeological dig of 1921 in Greenland.

For more information, or do make a donation yourself, please check out the

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