The project is being followed on…

Greenland Gown Project

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that I and the project are being followed on a couple of different academic and professional social media sites outside of facebook plus a really cool museum recreation site.

I have been accepted on Researchgate as an independent researcher based on review of the project. The URL is

One thought on “The project is being followed on…

  1. Ringwar

    Greetings from Australia,

    Well I got home from work today and there is a slip from the Post Office to collect a package. I can hardly wait to collect it tomorrow. I just want to feel the fibre and look at the colour and drool at the hot peppers.
    I also added three new people to the site with donations for the Swap.
    I have plans now for one of the ladies I know to get the Fibre Guild to visit our local SCA hall to check out the wool and have a discussion afternoon on the Project. I will also will be advertising all over the place for the Swap and see how much interest is out there for such an exciting project.

    Talk again soon.



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