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Why Oil a Fleece?

Greenland Gown Project

Hi everyone! Glad to see you here!

This past week I was asked an interesting set of questions on the face book Greenland Gown Research/Recreation page. I gave a Cliff Notes version of the answer and so would like to expand on that information.

The question and request is as follows. “Tell me about oiling fleece. Why does one do it and does it need to be done on all fleeces?”

Happy New Year

Greenland Gown Project

Just a short post to wish you all a happy new year and to set the stage for the spring work and the hopes for the schedule to be done in the time between now and the middle of the year.

The real work of the wool processing will begin now and it will continue through the middle of the year. The WWL will be made and ready to be warped by then also. I am looking to warp in June.

We will see where we are by that time and then adjust the schedule as needed.

There will be no foreseen paper writing during this time. Only regular blog posts I hope you will enjoy the continued work.

Please do not hesitate to add comments to the blog as you see the need. I love to hear from all of you!

May the new year bring all of you what you need.

Be Well,