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2/24/14 update – Wool Processing continues!

Greenland Gown Project

Greetings from the Project!

I hope this finds all of you well and prospering.

It has been a busy time here as I have begun full swing processing of 12 Navajo Churro Fleeces. The wool from these sheep are being washed as I go and then I am using the oiling process I had out lined in the blog post of 12/09/2013.

It has it’s good points and inconvenient points.

Firstly on the good side, It helps a less than optimal fleece due to dryness and course quality to become usable for the purpose of this project. Also, I am finding the separation to be much easier as it lubricates the wool fibers thus letting them slip easily across one another. Combing is much easier and the waste fiber is reduced. Your hands and tools become conditioned in a way that most hand lotions will not do.

On the inconvenient side of things, It is oily. working on this makes your hands and tools slippery. This is an easy problem to fix with the use of a cloth to wipe every thing down periodically. As for it spreading to other surfaces as you work, I have not had that problem as I contain the oily material and tools to one work space and stay aware of the oil.

On to other progress and such from here.

We went to the mountains to look around at the availability for timber to build the looms. We found that cutting permits will not be offered until early May. So back to gathering information on construction and also thinking about how to weave. So much to learn!

Also, we are looking forward to the potential of making a trip to the North Atlantic next year. At this time it looks like it may be a real possibility. I look forward to actually be boots on the ground in the places I have only had access to through books and emails from wonderful contacts! Also I am looking forward to the possibility of seeing the fabric that this project is based on in person. Just some of the dreams and directions I am working towards.

Well, That is about it for the time being. One more thing, As you can see is that the website is back up. Those who have not answered my call for a touch back on the email so I know you are getting posts from here, Please do so. It is important to me that after our absence that I know your email is working.

Be well,


Welcome Back!

Greenland Gown Project


Well, after a bit of an absence, the website that is, the project has taken a jump in fleece production.

The first fleece is on the edge of being finished with the first stage of cleaning and is in the box. Washing some of the next fleece today so it will be oiled and dry by the time I am ready for it.

The thoughts of the loom are working their way through my head. I have received loom dimensions from Antoinette Olson. This has been a great help in the planning.

I am so fortunate to have access to slash piles (these are piles of trees that are cut as the forest is thinned) of birch/aspen trees. I want to make the loom as authentic as possible as I have been trying to make the fabric as authentic as possible.  🙂

I will be gathering 4 more fleeces of the churro type in the next month or so as spring shearing is imminent. Then I think I will be done with the churro gathering.

So, as you can see, things are progressing.

Thank you for being he

The world is Fleece

Greenland Gown Project

Greetings from the wool shed!

Today I am finally kicking off a major campaign to get the twelve Churro fleeces needed for the first weaving done so that Anna, the project spinner, can do her part in the early summer.

As I have been mentally getting ready. the next steps have been working their way into my head and so the loom construction will be next. Continue reading

Page update 2/4/14

Greenland Gown Project

Greetings from the wool shed!

Happy February!

We have been working hard here to improve the website. The web monkey has earned his bananas this past weekend.

The double login issue has been solved, we have a written privacy policy that you will find at the bottom of the home page, and a gallery has been added.

The gallery will contain the chronological photo journey taken during the course of the project. Currently it contains photos of another project I completed a few years ago. I am hoping to have the current project photos up by the end of the month.

It is almost shearing time. I am in need of four more fleeces and will be going to the farm I get the Navajo Churro fleece from.

The separation of the current fleeces continues. And thoughts on the loom are at the forefront of my mind. Also the weaving process.

I am not an experienced weaver at that level. I do weave on a smaller scale so the idea is there. It is just the larger scale that I must grasp.

So, that is about it from here for this week. Be kind to yourselves and others. I will see you all again soon