Page update 2/4/14

Greenland Gown Project

Greetings from the wool shed!

Happy February!

We have been working hard here to improve the website. The web monkey has earned his bananas this past weekend.

The double login issue has been solved, we have a written privacy policy that you will find at the bottom of the home page, and a gallery has been added.

The gallery will contain the chronological photo journey taken during the course of the project. Currently it contains photos of another project I completed a few years ago. I am hoping to have the current project photos up by the end of the month.

It is almost shearing time. I am in need of four more fleeces and will be going to the farm I get the Navajo Churro fleece from.

The separation of the current fleeces continues. And thoughts on the loom are at the forefront of my mind. Also the weaving process.

I am not an experienced weaver at that level. I do weave on a smaller scale so the idea is there. It is just the larger scale that I must grasp.

So, that is about it from here for this week. Be kind to yourselves and others. I will see you all again soon


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