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Greenland Gown Project


Well, after a bit of an absence, the website that is, the project has taken a jump in fleece production.

The first fleece is on the edge of being finished with the first stage of cleaning and is in the box. Washing some of the next fleece today so it will be oiled and dry by the time I am ready for it.

The thoughts of the loom are working their way through my head. I have received loom dimensions from Antoinette Olson. This has been a great help in the planning.

I am so fortunate to have access to slash piles (these are piles of trees that are cut as the forest is thinned) of birch/aspen trees. I want to make the loom as authentic as possible as I have been trying to make the fabric as authentic as possible.  🙂

I will be gathering 4 more fleeces of the churro type in the next month or so as spring shearing is imminent. Then I think I will be done with the churro gathering.

So, as you can see, things are progressing.

Thank you for being he

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