3/4/14 Weekly Update – More wool!

Greenland Gown Project

Greetings from the wool shed!

The processing of the Navajo Churro fleece continues. The first of twelve is finished and the second is now in the working stages.

I have found a good tracking application for the time so I can keep you all informed of the time this project is taking.   Thus far on the processing of these twelve fleeces I’ve spent about forty hours.  To date I am estimating that there has been approximately 3000 hours spent on the project… if not more!  Keep in mind that this is not just about making wool!  This time includes travel, presentation, research and development of processes, writing, and grunt work in general.

And so this project continues.

This past Saturday the Greenland Gown Project presented at a demo for the Española Valley Fiber Arts Center at our local co-op. The Fiber Arts Center is the organization that sparked this project. I am always happy to do what I can to help support them.

The big computer threw a shoe and is limping.  The web monkey is going to have to take it apart and replace a noisy cooling fan before I’ll be able to use it and think at the same time. We’re also going to get a photo gallery put together that will document the project in chronological order for all of you and those who join us later.

Well, this is about all for this week. The wool processing continues!

Please be well,


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