Update 3/19/14 Wool Processing and Research

Greenland Gown Project

Greetings from the wool shed!

I hope this finds you all doing well. It is spring! or some semblance of it here. Planting of roses and pruning of fruit trees has commenced.

So, I am continuing the hand processing of fleece to be spun into yarn for the weaving of the first dress. This dress is being made out of the Churro Breed of sheep.

I am going to be making a trip up to Wisconsin in May and I hope to meet a breeder there for the Icelandic fleece. Yes Kids It seems that it is time for me to start thinking about the next phase of the project.

Speaking of the next phase of the project. As I have little to do but think while combing the fleece I currently have, my mind has started travelling to the world of the loom. I will be building the loom myself this summer. I am starting from the ground up. Cutting of the timber for the parts cannot happen until June most likely. We have a permit system in out forests and the permits will not be available until May.

I did some work on actually researching the amount of wool I need to get the amount of yarn I need. I found that I am going to have to seek outside advice in order to get the figure correct. Well, Anyone out there working with the loom that can help with this?

On another note…I have been struggling with how to weigh the wool I am working with tho keep track of the poundage. I just happen to have a Wii system with the board and the fitness program. In the system they have a place to weigh pets… LOL! so I made a pet named wool. This allows you to stand on the scale holding the wool and get an accurate weight on the TV screen where you can see it.

I have checked the accuracy of the scale against the scale from the Dr office. It is right on. So I feel pretty confident that it is correct.

And the final thing I wish to share today is that I have started an hour tracker for the project. All times are approximate, but it will give you an idea of the amount of time spent working on different parts of the project.

As of today, just for the wool processing, the time is: 69 hours.

In that time I have washed, oiled, separated, and combed about 2 fleeces. These fleeces will have to be blended as they are white and dark grey. This has yet to be done and the hair has yet to be combed.

There is another time catagory at this time and it is for web and email. That time is: 2.5 hours to date.

So there are the numbers.

I am going to get back to the work. BE well and let me hear from you!


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