The struggle with numbers for the WWL

Greenland Gown Project

Greetings on the April Fools day!

I will not be posting anything in honor of this fun day. Mostly because I am writing this before my brain has kicked in.

The topic this week is a carry over from last week. How to calculate the amount of yarn needed to warp a Warp Weighted Loom.

I wish to thank all who posted comments with suggestions and advice after my plea for help last week. You guys are Why I keep on with this project.

So, I looked at what you had said and then pulled out paper and pencil and worked through conversions and equations. Moved numbers around until I thought my numbers were good and then sent them off to a WWL weaver with much experience for a double check. I was off with only one number….That of shrinkage.

So here is the formula for figuring out how much yarn would be needed to warp a WWL.

(# of ends per x width of fabric x length of cloth) x 120% (shrinkage) For warp.

(# of ends per x width of fabric x length of cloth) x 120% (shrinkage) For weft.

Keep in mind that you need to keep your units the same. If you are using cm, use them all the way across. If you are using inches, do the same.

Here is a couple of handy conversions for making the transition easier.

cm to inch – X 2.54

Inch to cm – / 2.54

1 yard – 36 inches

inch to yard – / 36

yards to inches – x 36

So now that I have these conversions and equations,  I will be able to calculate (with the numbers from the McMorran scale) the numbers for yards per pound of wool needed  for the weaving process.

I again thank all of you who have helped with this part of the project through comments and awesome suggestions.

Until next time,

Be Well



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