Writing down your research and Documentation

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This week I am going to tell you how I write the information I find during the research process. The second part of this process is documenting your sources.

Writing is my most hated part of the research process. I find that all of the facts that are running around in my head and the overall picture just will not make the transition to text easily.

I therefore have taken some pointers from others who write regularly.

Here is how  it works:

Start by putting words on the paper… any words will do.

Facts do not have to be in order nor does your picture. Just get words to text. Do not worry about grammar punctuation or spelling.

I tend to be very OCD about all of this and it tends to handicap my writing process. When this happens, I get frustrated and the writing just seems to take too long and it becomes a war with myself to write whatever it is I am trying to write, including this blog.

After the writing is done or you think it is done, there is editing. I do the rough editing on mine as I do not put the facts down in order and there will be many spelling and punctuation issues.

After the rough edit is finished and I am satisfied that the facts are in order and I have caught as many of the spelling and punctuation errors as I can find, I send it to someone who can do another edit. It always helps to have a few sets of eyes to look and make sure that what you write makes sense and delivers your message clearly.After these edits are complete, I do a final one for content and polishing.

One of the most important parts of writing on a formal scientific basis is the documentation of your sources. Sources consist of the places you gained the information used in your writing. These could be books, interviews, film, audio files, actual facility visits, ie. Museums.

As you are doing your research, keep track of all of the ways and individual locations you should find the information. This is very important because this gives your work validity.

There are many good formatting sources out there for source formatting. The way you document your sources can vary and I will not be going into those specifics here. The internet or your library will have this information.

Once you can put all of your writing and sources together, you need to decide what you are going to do with it. I tend to publish on a couple of forums as well as here on greenlandgown.org.

If there are any questions about my procedure for writing and documenting, please contact me here as always, I am here to help you do what you love.

Be well and I will see you all again soon.


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