Changes in the project

Greenland Gown Project

Greetings from the wool shed,

I wish to let all of your know what changes are happening here at the project.

First, I wish to say congratulations to Anna Katherine for her acceptance into the next level of education! You go girl!

That said, With her academic load, she will not longer be able to spin the yarn for the weaving of the cloth. This will be the case until she graduates.

So, this brings me to the second change. I will be going back to research and writing for awhile. I am not sure how long this will continue but, as soon as may be, production will contine..

I am currently looking for a new spinner for the project. If anyone is interested in helping, please drop me an email at doreen

This will not stop the project… if worse comes to worse, I may have to become an experienced spinner so I can spin myself. However, I do not wish to do this and I love having others join in the wonder that is this project.

Be Well,


One thought on “Changes in the project

  1. raithnat

    congrats on the schooling! woohoo! Doreen, your editor is VERY bored, send me some yummies! 🙂 looking forward to reading more of your awesomeness.


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