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Greenland Gown Project

Happy Monday friends!

I hope the last week was kind to all of you.

Well, the updates and feature adding at the site goes on. The Photo Gallery is still being worked on and I am noticing that some of the past process pages need to be brought up to date as new information has come in that has been validated.

This is a learning experience, I hope you all understand that there will be times when the information will change as new is learned, developed or just plain stumbled over. Fluid processes never stand still.

The photo gallery is finally being set up with the photos of the project as it has gone along. It will be kept up to date as we do new things and our current projects are worked and finished.

I am hoping to film a presentation I am doing this coming Saturday. We are having a Navajo Churro week at the fiber center I am a member of. It is an opportunity to educate the public about one of our local sheep. I am using this sheep fleece as one of the primary fiber sources for the project and love to spread the word about the sheep breed and the project.

Speaking of sheep, I went to the Taos Wool Festival and Market in Taos New Mexico this past weekend. That event is what really kicked this project into reality, and we are at the end of the third year, it was destined to have my attendance.

It was, as most wool festivals are, full of fleeces, yarns, and various fiber animals.

Part of the fun for me was I secured a supplier for the Icelandic sheep fleece I will be using in the project. I was able to secure some samples of his wool to compare to the fiber diameters of the original as specified in Woven into the Earth and the Navajo Churro I have been working with.

I am able to trace these Icelandic sheep back to the original herd in Canada which traces directly back to Iceland. I cannot tell you how happy I am right now! There was some doubt that I would be able to afford the fleece for the second half of the project.

Recently, I attended another event that was not fiber related and may have located an experienced spinner who is willing to donate her time to the project.

I knew that if I just waited a little while I would get what I needed. All falls into place when it should!

Well, back to the photo gallery Take care! I love you all and I will see you next week.



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