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Greetings and good health to all of you.

I hope this Monday has been kind to all of you. Slow start around here this morning, but, After coffee…

I am starting the process of building my Warp Weighted Loom.

I however, am finding that for such a simple looking tool it can be quite complicated and that is before the weaving.

I have some questions for any of you who work with it and weave twill.

My main question is how do you work multiple heddle rods?

It seems to me that this would be very difficult.

Now mind, I am not a weaver on floor looms. My weaving experience is strictly working with the inkle loom. The inkle can become very complex depending on the patter you wish to produce.

It is a warp faced weave that is generally a tabby weave, but can be made to do many other types including tablet and ridged heddle type.

I am somewhat familiar with floor looms as I have access to them.

Do any of you have an opinion concerning weaving on a floor loom before I tackle the WWL?

So the current work is focused on the loom and understanding how it works. Building it will happen when I complete my research. Then I need to weave on it. My idea is to start off with a simple tabby weave done with commercial thread and using the EPI stated in the analysis of the fabric provided by Elsa Ostergard in Woven into the Earth.

When I can understand how the loom works, the next step is to weave the proper Greenlandic Twill in commercial thread.

Does this seem like a sound plan?

On another topic. I have told you that I would have the picture gallery finished by now. It has proved to be a bit of a challenge. I am continuing to work on this portion of the web site and hoping to complete it soon.

You may think my questions to be showing me a bit hesitant in the process. That is quite the opposite from my intent. I am asking all of you to be a part of this project and so your ideas and opinions are valuable. This is especially true when it comes to a portion of the work that I know nothing about and books do not do it justice when there are so many who have experience I may draw on.

I do hope you will share what you know.

Time for me to get back to it.

Be well,


2 thoughts on “The Warp Weighted Loom Started

  1. Antoinette M. Olsen

    Well, hopefully all your questions will be answered in the book Twill- and tabby weaving on the warp-weighted loom. It will be in stock in the end of January 2015 – beginning of February 2015. When I learned to use the wwl I had very little weaving experience in beforehand. It is a very easy loom to use. I guess that the biggest problem will be to build a loom 😉

    The book can be pre-ordered at my web-site or by sending an email to:

    Happy weaving to all of you!


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