I wish a Happy New Year

Greenland Gown Project

Hello everyone. I hope your holiday has been good and your fibers are working as you want them too.

The new year is upon us all and with the turning of the year, there is time for a new start. This new start includes here at the Project.

First, let’s revisit last year briefly:

This last year started off with allot of promise. I was able to secure the rest off  the Navajo Churro fleece I needed to complete that portion of the fabric. I was able to complete the processing on two of the fleeces by the beginning of May.

The project spinner has been in college for the past two years and was accepted into a higher learning program taking her away from the project.

With that setback and some family emergencies during the months that followed, the project came to a stumbling halt.

The work on the warp weighted loom that I started in the fall has had to stop until spring as the winter here has become winter in the real sense. Having no workshop I can not work in weather that is in the single digits in Fahrenheit. That work will continue in the spring when I will be able to work without frostbite.

There are some pretty cool things coming up to enhance the exposure of the project as well as the continued research and writing.

I have been collaborating with Antoinette Olsen on a book that will cover many patterns that can be woven on the warp weighted loom. The book should be out at the end of January or beginning of February. The title of the book is Twill and Tabby Weaving on the Warp Weighted Loom. Please go to her website to look at the details and pre-order the book. www.warpweightedloom.com

Recently, I have been approached to be interviewed for another blog. It is written by Dr Christopher J. Monk. His interest is in how textiles relate to manuscript art . See his website to read his blog. I look forward to expanding my interest base as well as blog readership with this new contact. http://anglo-saxon-monk.weebly.com

So, that leaves me with research and writing. The new forward movement is to finally start the recording the information about the project and the skills that have been developed during the process developments of the project into electronic formats of audible and video. These will be posted on the website as well as a YouTube channel. I will let you know when these are posted.

As for the research and writing, I will be posting this out on the project website and various other academic publishing locations. As always these will be free.

I will also be heading out to do live presentations as I have the opportunity. Stay tuned for dates and locations.

As if all of that will not keep me busy enough, I am planning for a trip to Iceland, Norway, and Denmark this year to do some first person research and data findings. This is going to be a huge undertaking for me as I have never traveled over seas. But, that said, this has me very excited. I hope to meet many really awesome people along the way and see so many things that will help the project move forward even better.

It has been three years since I stepped into this passion, it does not seem that long, and if it had not been for the gift that is all of you, this would never have been able to continue this long. I thank you for being my muse. You are all the batteries that keep me energized and moving. Thank you all for being there.

Be well and have the best year you can! Doreen

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