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Up coming research trip.

Greenland Gown Project

Greetings everyone,

Time is speeding by right now as we are 3 days from our departure to the airport and 6 days until  we Fly.

I hope many of you will travel with us on the travel blog. it is a separate blog from the normal blog. The travel blog link is found in the content bar at the top of the site. 

I will be sharing photos and information on the places I visit as well as first hand information on my findings. This is a once in a life time experience and opportunity.

I look Forward to hearing from you as I go along and to sharing with you.

Be Well,


Museum Visits during the trip

Greenland Gown Project

Museum Visits

Museum SIgnAs the rush slows down, and all of the pieces finally start falling into place, I am finally able to start pulling together the information I have been gathering as part of the process to take this research trip. 

Here is a list of some of  the Museum visits we have planned while we visit Greenland, Iceland, and Norway:



  • The National Museum of Iceland, Reykjavic, Iceland.The tools used to process the wool and make the fabric as well as the culture that led to the use of the fabric as currency.
  • The Abaer Open Air Museum, Reykjavic. A recreation of a typical Icelandic village and farm from the early period of the country. This is an open air museum consisting of 20 buildings. Entry is encouraged into all of the buildings to get a feel for life at that time.
  • The Viking Ship Museum, Located at Bygdøy in Oslo, Norway., it is part of the Museum of Cultural History of the University of Oslo, and houses archaeological finds from Tune, Gokstad, Oseberg and the Borre mound cemetery.

This is just what is currently planned as I try to work out an itinerary for a trip to someplace 3,500 miles away from home! I am sure we will be hitting other museums and archives as we find them. I know that Greenland has an awesome archive, and that in Reykjavic Iceland there is a wonderful manuscript museum. I am seriously contemplating a journey through those as well.

So, we are now counting down to the day of departure. We are fifteen days out and the excitement is building as the packing and list checking begins in earnest.

Thank you all for joining me on this journey.


Two weeks and counting

Greenland Gown Project


Two weeks and Counting!

Two weeks and counting!

Image copyright 2006 by Pedro Aragão

Greeting travel companions! 

Well, the real count down has begun. It is only two weeks and counting before we leave home on the grand adventure and research trip.

This trip is a first to get familiar with the region as we will be making more pointed trips in the future.  

From Denver to Iceland, then a hop over to Greenland for a visit to the Museum in Nuuk, where I’ll have the opportunity to actually see the dress commonly called the Greenland Gown as well as other textiles from the time of the Norse settlements.

We will be back to Iceland for some research into the tools and techniques used in the production of the Vadmal fabric.  

A flight to Norway will follow for the next round including the Viking Ship Museum and I believe our host will have us thoroughly immersed in the Norwegian culture. Of course a visit with friends is always a boon! 

Then it will be back to Iceland with an 18 hour layover for the trip back home.

All of the details are being worked out. The house sitter has been arranged, the passports have been secured, and the packing has started in earnest. 

This section of the blog is going to be the location for all to stay with us as we travel and experience the very places the Norse settlers that eventually settled in Greenland came from as well as where they settled.

One word though, the first week we will be in Greenland and the internet connectivity may be limited if not impossible, I will try to make updates to the blog when I can, and I will catch you all up as soon as I get back to Iceland.

Please feel free to make comments and ask questions as we go. 

I look forward to sharing this adventure with you all.


Be well,