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So the epic adventure begin

Greenland Gown Project

Hello all!

The epic adventure really begins in about 12 hours. We will be leaving for the airport here in Denver to get on the plane to Reykjavik Iceland. then with an airport change we will be on the next plane to land in Nuuk Greenland (the capital) on Monday mid day. 

The four hour time zone change is not bad. As we work our way east, we are doing a gradual shift to an 8 hour time difference between there and home. The biggest challenge I will have is the biological timing of medicine. I figure getting up in the middle of the night to take meds is better than having a bad reaction.  🙂

Once in Greenland, My hope is to meet with the curator of the National Museum to gain more information about the dress, the area that the archeological excavations took place. 

My Plan is to look as closely at the textile as possible to answer many questions about the cut and construction. I will not be able to see it outside of the case it is displayed in, but to just be able to see it gives me goose bumps!

Please visit this blog often. I hope to update daily. 

Be well,