Greenland Is spectacular!

Doreen Gunkel

This is a continuation of the Greenland part of the trip.

Nuuk Greenland is the largest city in Greenland and the capital. The population is about 15,000. There are about 1 car per 4 persons. The locals think this is too many cars. They have a good bus system so many do not have reasons to have a car.

In Greenland the towns and villages are spread out and there are no roads between them. The transportation is based on dogsled, snowmobile, atv, and boat is you do not take a small airplane or helicopter.

Later in the week I will put out some of the museum pieces that I have. Unfortunately, the actual dress pictures will have to wait. I am going to publish them at a later date.

20150509_122842 part of the fjord 1

This is part of the fjord that Nuuk sets in. It is way back off of the north see so it is protected.

20150509_122803 fjord 2

Another fjord picture. This one has an iceberg floating by.

20150509_110007 fjord 3

Another view of a fjord on the other side and closer to Nuuk.

20150509_110000 fjord 4

The water around Nuuk seems to never end. I assure you it does.

20150509_105955 fjord 5

This Iceberg was very large

20150509_094250 Iceberg 1

The blueness of the Icebergs around Nuuk was just amazing!

20150509_113337 Iceberg 2

The guide said that this was “just a snowball”. I can see that, but this one was quite large. Again, it is an amazing irridecent blue!

20150509_094305 iceburg 3

These were outside the National Museum of Greenland. The tide brought them in and as you can see, it is still in.

20150506_081343 iceburg 4

I think this is one of my favorite pictures from the entire trip. The clearness and texture of this small piece of ice really says it all for me.

20150506_081355 Iceberg 6

20150506_081350 iceberg 7

These two views are of the same berg. Just differing angles.

20150506_081404 iceberg 8

Bergs on the beach.

20150506_081658 iceberg 9

A fascinating shape! Again, not a small chunk of ice but hardly worth mention to the locals.

20150506_081317_001 Iceberg 10

Look closely at this one and you will find a piece of rock picked up be the glacier that this one calved from a long time ago.

So, these are the fun pictures of ice and water. The camera has not done the color justice. I can only say that it was the most amazing translucent blue.

There are more pictures to come of this amazing place. No words truly can explain nor describe it. Stay tuned!

More to come next week.

Remember that there will be some museum shares later in the week.

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