Our Greenland home

Doreen Gunkel

This week’s travel photos are going to give you a little taste of what our living arrangements were in Nuuk, Greenland .

We decided to stay in hostels during our trip to try to economize as they have kitchen facilities available as well as being, for the most part, less expensive than a hotel. During the trip we discovered an app that is very helpful in finding these hidden jewels. ( Air BnB )It was a good experience because we were able to find full hostels and also individuals that might just have a spare room or two to rent to visitors.

All of the hosts we stayed with were friendly and willing to help a traveler to the area get the most out of the journey by discussing customs, etiquette, and anything else we might want to know, like where are the grocery stores!

Now, when most of us in the US think of a hostel, we think of the youth hostels that have the dorm type accommodations.  What we discovered is for a few dollars more, we could have a private room.

This week I wish to show you what our hostel was like.

Common room. The house was not very big, but, it was cozy.

Common room. The house was not very big, but, it was cozy.

This was The TV.  Yes, there was TV.

Yes! There was TV!

You may be surprised to know that there was TV in Greenland. No, not all of the shows were about Greenland. There were many, in fact, most were US shows. Some were old ones, but, some were new ones. There were also British shows and Danish shows. Any that were in English were subtitled in Danish.

It turns out that Greenland has, for the most part, four common languages. Danish, Inuit, Greenlandic, and English.

Because Greenland is a self governing part of Denmark, most people can speak some amount of Danish.

The island has been a predominantly Inuit settlement since the Norse colonies failed some time in the 15th century. (the date of the colony fail is still not proven).  The Thule people have migrated to the island more recently.

As time has gone by, the people who have lived there have been developing a language, it is an Eskimo–Aleut language. The western Greenlandic dialect was recognized by the Greenland government as the official language of the island in 2009.

English is used, but, it seems that mostly by those who live in Nuuk and have had exposure from outside of Greenland it with any regularity. (at least that is my experience as a visiting English speaker).

An electric oil filled radiator.

An electric oil filled radiator.

This was the primary heat source through out the house. Every room had one. They kept the place toasty!

We used it mostly at night. It was the beginning of May and the temps were like early to mid spring at lower latitudes. The latitude for Nuuk, Greenland is about 64 degrees North.

During the day, we could leave the window open to let in fresh air and have no problem with the cold.

Mini Me Showing off the type of electrical outlet in Greenland.

Mini Me Showing off the type of electrical outlet in Greenland.

So, the electrical outlets were a bit strange for us, coming from the US. Mini Me thought they looked quite happy.

 Our room was on the second floor. It was a large and cozy room. The only catch was the stairs to get there.

These were more like a ship's ladder. You did not want to sleep walk to the bathroom with these in the way.

These were more like a ship’s ladder. You did not want to sleep walk to the bathroom with these in the way.

Another thing we learned about the northern countries we visited is that the water is so pure and tastes so good that there is no need to worry about bottled water or filters. When I got back to the states and was able to buy Icelandic water, I was a happy person!

So, this was the inside of our home for the week we spent in Greenland.

Later in the week I will be sharing some of the actual Spindles and Whorls that have been found during the excavations of various Norse farms and settlements.

While I was there I was able to gather another bit of material that I will be incorporating into the library for any who would like to follow along with the research I am doing.

Please come back later in the week to find out what else I found!

Until Then,

Be Well!



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