The Bedroom

Doreen Gunkel

This is a continuation of last week’s look at the hostel we stayed in.

There will be one more post on the hostel. It will be posted next week and then we will move on to the outside. This place was so fabulous that I am excited to share it ALL with you!

To pick up where I left you last week with a closed bedroom door, I will be showing the bedroom. Please forgive the travelers the mess…. we were a bit tired as we had just arrived and had not put our packing away yet.

The room has a couple of really interesting features. These are why we suspect this may have been a home for a rich family at some time in the past.


The room was furnished with an armoire and a desk.

Behind the armoire you can see a large door like structure. This has been sealed and no longer functions as passage between rooms. But the door looks like it could have been a passage to a library or setting room of some type. Just the feeling I got from looking at it.


A real steam radiator!

I had not seen a steam radiator since I was a young child. This just brought on some much silly girl joy! It kept the room toasty when it was needed to do so, but when my feet got chilled, I could just prop them up in front of it and warm them while not heating the entire room. Those were the best form of heat next to a fire place in my opinion.

There was one in each of the rooms that we had the ability to see. Everything was toasty.


Bed! Most needed place at that time…. Hubby spent as much time as possible reading. 🙂

We found the beds in the first two hostels to be very different from the beds in the states. These were really almost platform beds. The platform had some give though and the mattresses were somewhat thin. You would think that would be uncomfortable, but we slept very well.

I have always wondered what a duvet was used for. This is another thing of interest I learned while we traveled. All three countries used the duvet with a comforter of sorts inside to make the blanket situation very neat and tidy. If the hubby would do it, we would adopt this type of bedding set up here at home.


The rest of the bedroom.

As you can see, the room was furnished with a large dresser. Mini Me was very happy and insistent on showing off her flat stanley for the project. She is such a silly one! 🙂

To the right of the bedroom door you can see that there is another of those doors that were put in and sealed. It was such a puzzle to us. Added to the charm and mystery of the house and trip.


The other Door.

Next week I will finish up with the hostel. The rest is so homey and cozy.

Then we see a little of the countryside. We did not get to go very far due to time constraints, but we saw enough to make us want to go back again a few times at least.

I am doing a lot of work this week out side of the project. I will be getting the next round of museum shots out by Friday and I think it will be focusing on metal work. Some is textile based but, I will also be looking at other items from life in general and other items.

Until then, be well.


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