Greenland Ho! Reykjavík to Nuuk

Date: May 04, 2015
Time: 12:30 PM  to  01:50 PM

Greenland Ho!

Nuuk Airport, Greenland

Nuuk Airport, Greenland

If we pass our language barrier skill tests after the flight from Denver to Keflavík, then around noon on Monday the fourth of May we’ll be at the Reykjavík Airport. This airport is in the city center and has much shorter runaways, so we’ll be on a smaller plane for our flight to Nuuk, Greenland.

Our flight leaves at 12:30 and we arrive at 13:50.  Thing is, the flight from Reykjavík to Nuuk actually takes about three hours and twenty minutes, but our watches (and our bodies!) are going to be way out of wack because we travel through three time zones – from UTC-0 to UTC-3 in an hour and a half! The higher latitudes really mess with time!

Once we get to Nuuk, we’ll be well past time for a rest!  Fortunately, the Greenland National Museum (Grønlands Nationalmuseum) isn’t open on Mondays, so we won’t be tempted to push on!

The only real hotel in Nuuk is the Hotel Hans Egede, which runs about $240.00 a night.  Other places, such as the Godthåbshallen Youth Hostel and the Seaman’s home are much cheaper, but can be a bit crowded.  That, and after a day and a half on airplanes, we’re not up for trying to sleep in a seventeen bed room!

We’ve found a Bed and Breakfast type of double room that is far less expensive.


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