Fundraising – Adopt a Fleece!

What is the Greenland Gown Project Adopt a Fleece program?

adopt a fleece“The Adopt a fleece allows underprivileged fleeces the opportunity to become productive members of a historically accurate reproduction of the Greenland gown…”

Humor aside, We’re asking for help to purchase fleeces to process into yarn to recreate the fabric we will use to make a reproduction of the Greenland gown. Adopting a fleece will help get us the raw materials we need to keep moving!

Unprocessed (straight off the sheep) Navajo Churro fleeces – The wool type we’re working with at this point in the project – sells for roughly $18.00 a pound, with an average weight of five pounds.

For this phase of the project, We’re about to start the processing on a dozen fleeces. With each fleece costing about $90.00, that will be an expense of $1,080.00, not including tax, shipping and handling.

In order to raise this money, we’re asking you, the followers of the project, if they can help us out.

Why are you calling this “International?”

Our supporters in Australia have offered to help the Greenland Gown Project by forming a support team and raising donations for us.

Moreover, They have offered to send the project a beautifully tanned Kangaroo hide to be awarded to one of United States Donors. In return, we will be offering six hundred yards of Navajo Churro Yarn, processed locally in Taos, NM., as well as a New Mexico icon, a jar of Hatch Chili to be awarded to one of the Australian donors.

Please Donate!

“For only pennies a day, you can change the life of an underprivileged Navajo Churro Fleece. If you decide to donate, You’ll get a picture of your fleece, along with a hand written “thank you” note! We’ll also include a special package that contains a sample of your fleece, along with a sample of both the hair (warp) and wool (weft) yarns that were made from it!”

We’re asking our followers for a donation of just $10.00 to help use raise the monies we need to process the next dozen fleeces for the Greenland Gown Project. Each donor will receive the gift package described above, and the fleece you donate for will indeed get to become a part of the Greenland Gown reproduction. Of course, if you’d like to donate more, please do so!

3 thoughts on “Fundraising – Adopt a Fleece!

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  2. Greenland Gown ProjectGreenland Gown Project

    Please forgive me for the lateness of this answer. I am usually better…

    To answer your question, I am using the Churro as a substitution as they are readily available in the area I live in. I was curious if this would make a comparable fabric.

    There were no Greenlandic sheep. The sheep that were in the settlements in Greenland were transported there with the settlers from Iceland. Thus the other sheep fiber I will be working with is from the Icelandic sheep.

    My actual interest is the North Atlantic area and the people who lived there. This has become a very important part of my life.

    Just think: I wanted a dress. That dress. Made out of that fabric… LOL! I guess I forgot the one rule: “Be careful what you ask for…” 🙂

    Thank You for your question and please do not hesitate to continue to contribute. I love to see other people here because I learn something from each interaction.

    Be well,

  3. Pagan

    (Honest Question) – Why are you not using the Greenland fleece? – Would that not be more authentic?

    Are your Viking Tribes/clans modeled after the early period of Vikings (9 BCE – 9 CE)?


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