Bill Knight

Bill Knight

Bill Knight
(in persona as the Honorable Lord Conal Mór MacNachtan)

Bill Knight is the Greenland Gown Projects Technical Writer. He works converting Doreen’s research facts and her marvelous stories of the gown and it’s fiber into the arcane forms of writing known to scholars as “MLA.” When he needs a break from this, he works as the sites web-monkey.

Bill is also known as The Honorable Lord Conal Mór MacNachtan in the Society for Creative Anachronism.


“When Doreen began this project back in 2011 she was looking to develop a new persona in the SCA.

Her back injury had effectively ended her ability to participate in armored combat – her first love in the SCA. With that avenue now closed to her, she decided that re-inventing her persona would allow her to close one chapter and open another.

Although she had an extensive background in fiber arts, she had not actively pursued this in the SCA. After her injury, she became more involved with fiber arts through a local fiber arts center. It was at this center that she was re-introduced to the Greenland Gown, and there that she met the unique fabric that the dress was originally made from for the first time.

It appears that it was not a new chapters that she decided to open – it’s become an entire book!”

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