Doreen Gunkel

doreen Gunkel

Doreen Gunkel in persona as Lady Dáirine Ingen Niáll of Oakhill.

Doreen Gunkel is the head researcher and  creator of the Greenland Gown Project.  It was her desire to create authentic reproductions of the Norse Garments from Herjolfsnes that began the project.


“My name is Doreen Gunkel, also known as Lady Daírine ingen Niáll of Oakhill in the Society for Creative Anachronism.

This project started in the fall of 2011. I wanted a dress. The specific dress had to be authentic in all details. I chose a dress from an archaeological excavation led by Dr. Poul Nørlund at the Herjolfsnes graveyard in Greenland which was done in 1921.

Little did I know that this project would encompass two continents, thousand of hours of research and a lot of wool!”


Doreen Gunkel

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2 thoughts on “Doreen Gunkel

  1. Pat

    Hi Doreen,
    Very interesting work on Old Norse fabric technology you are doing! I am a spinner, currently in Norway visiting my daughter(a knitter) and just ordered some breed specific roving from a local minimill. I wanted to see what spindle spinning the Villsau and Spelsau wools would be like, then give the yarn to my daughter to swatch. I am getting the wool from Selbu Spinneri , probably by the end of November 2013. Let me know if you would like to hear more at .
    Pat Taylor


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