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Fulling or Felting

Greenland Gown Project


It is once again time for a blog post.

I just love research! It takes you to places that you would never think about going, yet they are supremely important to the whole outcome of your endeavor.

This week I would like to address the terms fulling and felting.

I found myself looking at material for the next paper and I started to see these terms very regularly interchanged in ways that had no real pattern. So, this is where I get distracted when I am doing research… SQUIRREL!

I found that I am not the only one confused by the terms. Not many writers, it would seem, can agree on things concerning this group of topics. I have basically distilled what I have seen for you. Please understand that this just means that I now add my own opinion to the pile.

As always, let’s start with the definition of each…..

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