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Project needs and plee for monetary help

Greenland Gown Project

Monetary Help Needed

Hello all of you!

I have a ponder for you and I would like to get feed back.

After this year of funding the project out of pocket… I have come to the discovery that we are in the red so far it may take the whole of the winter and most of the spring to recover.

Now, I am not complaining, There have been generous donations that helped defray some of the travel costs and we thank those individuals with whole hearts… I am just stating the facts.

All of you who are following this project and are attending the presentations are a blessing to me as you help keep me motivated with your questions and encouragement.

So, as this project has been fully funded out of pocket up to now, and is gladly shared for free…

We need help to continue. Does any one or ones know how to gain donations, funding, or monetary support so that we might be able to continue the research, making, and sharing?

We also need individuals who would join a team to help locate funding and generate ideas as to where we might go from here with the monetary focus so that the project may continue and be freely shared.

Please, this is a call for help.