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What to wash your fleece in

Greenland Gown Project

This week I am going to discuss the use of varying substances for washing and conditioning raw fleece for use in fiber production, mainly that of yarn. I hope you will find information of use in the post. Please do not hesitate to comment and share your own methods. This is a fascinating subject because of the multitudes of methods I have found over the past few years.

Why Wash Raw Fleece?

Because it is full of mud/dirt, vegetable matter, grease, and smell. I have found that my washed fleece works much better with the extra fine combs I use as well as the larger gauge combs. Grease tends to clog them making it harder to process the fibers.

What to use to wash fleece? (in this section I have drawn on several differing places. I have sited all information that is not my own.)

This is a debated topic in all of the circles I have traveled since starting this project. I decided to gather all of the data…and there was a lot of it, so I have limited the citations to just a few. Everyone has their own way of cleaning fleece. Read this and pick your own.

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