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Opinions please

Greenland Gown Project

Greetings from this side of the New Year. I hope all of you had a safe entry to 2015.

I have a couple of things that I am wishing to gather some opinions on.

I have been approached by a blogger who has an interest in medieval textiles for use in manuscripts. He wishes to do some interviews of myself about the project. (yes, I will post his web address at a later time)

My question is this… Would anyone be interested in having an interview done for this blog?

Another idea I have for this web page is to do audio sessions concerning the project itself. The origins, the processes, just basically the information I speak on during my face to face presentations. These would be posted to You Tube and also here.

Would this be anything that would be beneficial?

And the last question…

Would videos of the various processes I have rediscovered be of help to you?


Please reply in the reply block at the bottom. I always love to hear what you, as followers, would find helpful and would like to see.

Be well,