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video media iconIn my research I’ve gathered a collection of videos that were released by the Norsk Folkemuseum and other sources. These videos include archival footage dating from the 1940′s and 1950′s of weaving techniques by the Sami people.

Although most of these videos are silent, and those with audio are in Norwegian, they show a excellent details of a variety of techniques used on the warp weighted loom and other period tools which have been preserved into the modern era. The authors of these videos (when credited) include Marta Hoffman, T. Ojerdi, R. Johnsrud, and Anna Grostøl. Also included are some more modern recreations of the process by Jørn-Are Longfjeld which were released by the Senter for Nordlige Folk, AS. in 2010.


The following videos were recorded by Jørn-Are Longfjeld and are presented are courtesy of the Senter for Nordlige Folk, AS (Center for Northern Peoples) in Norway.

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